We organize training workshops to help your organization implement Git and GitLab quickly.

Learning GitLab with Git Basics

This workshop focuses on how the GitLab UI works and how to integrate it and Git into your workflow.

Git workshop

A Git workshop covers Git concepts such as committing, branches, merge requests, merge conflicts, tags, cherry-picking, bisecting and rebasing.

GitLab flow workshop

A GitLab flow workshop help your organization develop a good Git workflow

GitLab administrator workshop

A GitLab administrator workshop covers:

  • GitLab architecture overview
  • GitLab fundamentals
  • UI walkthrough
  • Admin panel
  • Admin tasks
  • Backups, troubleshooting

GitLab CI

This workshop focuses on how GitLab CI works and how to integrate it into your workflow.

Cost for each workshop is $2,500

Workshops are delivered via web-conferencing and are recorded for up to 20 people. Each workshop takes approximately 2 hours.

We're open to discussing other materials to cover and other durations. Please fill out the form below if you are interested.