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GitHost Administration

Requesting Access

Ask any of the administrators to give you access to the GitHost UI. Within the UI you will be able to see customer instances, their setup, and their IDs.

You will need to request SSH access to the GitHost production box. For this, please send a chat message to an admin with your Public Key and ask to be added to the authorized_keys of the githost user.


The latest GitHost Administration docs can be found here.

Performance problems on older/smaller instances

We have some customers still on discontinued plans that fall well below the minimum recommended specifications for running GitLab. This currently includes any instance with less than 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the performance of these instances. Make an effort to look at the instance for any obvious problems, but don't spend too much time.

If the performance issue appears to be caused by general lack of resources, suggest that the customer upgrade to one of our newer plans. Some customers may qualify for discounts - see Discontinued Plans