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Arranging a visa for travel

In some cases when traveling to a conference or summit you might need to arrange a visa to enter that specific country.

Always check the website of the Embassy of the Country you want to visit located in your home country. They will have the most updated information on whether or not you need a visa and what is needed for your application. In some instances you can travel under a visa waiver program (e.g. ESTA) in other cases you might need to arrange a tourist or business visa. Read their website carefully and ask People Ops if you need any help with acquiring the needed documents for your application.

We gladly organize and pay for local legal assistance, especially if you are at high risk of having a long process.

If you need a visa to travel to the United States, please fill out this form. Here is an example of the how the form will looked when completed. People Ops will verify accuracy and send you an email with the signed letter.

Tips & Tricks for visa arrangements

Timeline guide for visa applications

H1B Visa Processing

To transfer an H1B Visa, GitLab needs to initiate the transfer before the team member can start work. In the past we have used Immigration Law Group as our legal counsel to help us through these steps.

  1. People Ops should reach out to legal counsel to start the process.
  2. Legal Counsel will reach out to the new team member and their manager to gather all information in regards to the transfer itself and the position.
  3. If there is a need for a rush in processing the H1B (plans for travel outside the US, for example) then you can file the transfer under premium processing, if approved by the CEO.
  4. Once the documents have been prepared by the law group, they will be sent to the CFO for wet signatures, and then returned to the law group.
  5. Once the law group receives the signed forms, they can file the transfer with USCIS. Note: Until we receive confirmation that the transfer paperwork has been received by USCIS, the new team member cannot start work at GitLab.
  6. Confirm to legal counsel when the new team member starts work at GitLab.
  7. File all documentation in BambooHR surrounding the transfer.

Greece Summit 2017 Visa Invitation Letter

  1. If you need an invitation letter for a visa appointment at the Greek Embassy, please fill out this form. An email will be sent to People Ops to verify all information and will then be forwarded to you.