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Requesting design help

  1. Create an issue in the corresponding project repository
    1. For tasks pertaining to create an issue in the www-gitlab-com project.
    2. For all other marketing related tasks create an issue in the marketing project.
  2. Add all relevant details, goal(s), purpose, resources, and links in the issue description. Also @ mention team members who will be involved.
  3. Set due date (if possible) — small last-minute requests are OK, we understand, but in order to do our best work let's not make a habit of it.
  4. Add the Design and Website Redesign (if applicable) label(s) to your issue.

The Design label in issue tracker

The Design label helps us find and track issues relevant to the Design team. If you create an issue where Design is the primary focus, please use this label.

Project prioritization

The prioritization of design projects is based on the company goals as defined in the marketing handbook. If a proposed project directly effects one or several of these goals it is deemed a high priority. In addition to our company goals, priority is also based on Design's quarterly OKRs.

Any design requests that do not fall in line with the company goals or Design OKRs will be given a lower priority and factored in as time allows.

Design touchpoints

The Design team has a rather wide reach and plays a big part in almost all marketing efforts. Design touchpoints range from the GitLab website to print collateral, swag, and business cards. This includes, but certainly not limited to:

Web & Digital

Field Design & Branding

Content Design