About Us

GitLab Inc.

GitLab Inc. is a company based on the GitLab open-source project. GitLab is an integrated product that unifies issues, code review, CI and CD into a single UI. GitLab Inc. offers self hosted products and SaaS plans for GitLab.com. GitLab is an open source project with a large community. Over 1800 people worldwide have contributed to GitLab! GitLab Inc. is an active participant in this community, see our stewardship of GitLab CE for more information. For a more customer focused overview see our pitches. We have a lot of information available online, see the primer for a good start.

A brief history of GitLab

Please see the history page.


At GitLab we have one vision. Everyone can contribute to all digital content. For more information see our strategy.

Our Tanuki logo symbolizes this with a smart animal that works in a group to achieve a common goal. Please see our press page to download the logo.


Please see the values section in our handbook.

Our stewardship of GitLab CE

Please see the stewardship page.


If you're interested, most of our internal procedures can be found in publicly viewable handbooks.


Some people contact us because they would like to donate to GitLab. If you have time to give please help spread the word about GitLab by mentioning us and/or contribute by creating and reviewing issues and merge requests. If you would like to give money please donate to Rails Girls Summer of Code in our name.


GitLab is an open source project with more than 1700 people contributing from all over the world. GitLab Inc. has people in more than 35 countries. We're proud to be remote only. You can taste a bit of the GitLab team culture by visiting our culture page.